Honestly, I'm not much of a winter person.  I'm not happy when it's super cold outside, or when there is a ton of snow, or when it's slippery everywhere you go. Never knowing if you are going to wind up with some sort of fender bender or if you could fall and hit your head or break something because of the slippery conditions.  Not a fan.

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And yes, I do acknowledge that no one is really a fan of any of those above situations which can come with winter weather.  On the other hand, there are certain events that happen in Minnesota in the winter and people look forward to these every year.  But the catch is that they can only happen if the weather cooperates.  And this year has not been cooperating with any sort of winter-type activity that people want to pull off certain events.

One of those events is an annual golf game that takes place on Lake Minnetonka.  And I mean actually ON the lake.  It's called the Chilly Open Golf Tournament.  When we had that cold snap a couple of weeks ago, the city of Wayzata was hopeful that they were going to be able to have the event.  The lake had 13 inches of ice at that time.  In comes this warmer weather, and now there is about 3-4 inches of open water on top of any ice that is still left on the lake.

The Chilly Open has been cancelled.  The people who signed up for the event will be refunded their entry fee.

The other event that has been cancelled this year is the city of Crystal's Winterlude.

This was posted on X (twitter).

CRYSTAL WINTERLUDE IS CANCELED Unfortunately, Crystal has canceled the Feb. 3 Winterlude event at Valley Place Park due to upcoming rain and warm temps, making it impossible to do planned activities. Thank you for being ready to join in, and we hope to see you at future events.

People who look forward to many events in the winter are probably going to continue to be disappointed.  We'll see what summer brings.  Last year was cold an VERY snowy.  Then we had an unusually hot and humid summer along with a drought.  Does this mean that this year will bring an unusually rainy and cooler summer?  We will see.

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