The latest TV commercials and an exclusive clip featuring The Black Widow from Marvel's Avengers flick hit various spots around the internet today. The first TV spot gives us a better look at the CGI'd Hulk, very cool overhead shot of SHEILD's Helicarrier and more action sequences. The spot, titled just TEAM, will be seen exclusively on TV.

The second is titled HEADCOUNT and features a quick glimpse of each character, obviously meant to introduce the characters to the uninitiated. It also features one of the best exchanges in the film we've seen so far. The villain, Loki (Thor's brother) says, 'I have an army', to which Tony Stark replies; well, we won't spoil it for you... Just watch below.

The clip features The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) being held prisoner, but she's obviously not worried as she speaks to Agent Coulson on the phone. Keep watching as some super-hot Scarlett/Black Widow bad-assery commences. The clip is only available from Marvel's YouTube Channel.



Black Widow EXCLUSIVE clip