Typically this time of year when you look outside you see a blanket of snow, covering just about everything. Not so this year, but with the lack of snow we have seen, it did get me thinking about what counties in Minnesota see the most snow. Luckily there was just a national comparison study done, and Minnesota had 6 counties make the list of the top 256 counties, although I think they might have been selective in choosing what counties were looked at.

According to the folks over at Lawn Love they "compared 256 counties by historical snowfall records — including annual snowfall, 1-day, and 3-day" records to come up with their list of the snowiest counties in the US. Lawn Love also "considered the average historical annual temperature and the number of days with temperatures below freezing."

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So what Minnesota counties made the list, and where on the list did they land?

26. St. Louis County

61. Koochiching County

63. Sherburne County

72. Hennepin County

90. Olmsted County

101. Ramsey County

Where's Cook County Minnesota on this list, or even Itasca County? I know if you ended up taking EVERY US county the list would be HUGE, but it would be a more accurate representation of snowfall historically. In case you were wondering...

Image Credit: alberto restifo via unsplash
Image Credit: Alberto Restifo via Unsplash

Three of the top-5 snowiest counties in the US are not surprisingly in Alaska with the top spot going to Alaska's Valdez-Cordova Census Area. Coos County New Hampshire was number 2 on the list followed by Placer County California. Matanuska-Susitna Borough and Yakutat City and Borough, both in Alaska round out top-5.

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