Look, I love classic rock. Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, I love it all. When I was a teenager my mom and cousin turned me on to Journey. I was a little skeptical about them initially.

I came from darker, more progressive music and proudly trashed anything that I thought was too pop oriented. Eventually, I gave in. I had to be honest with myself – I loved Journey. And honestly, who doesn’t? Steve Perry and Neal Schon are the perfect combination.

Steve’s silky smooth voice mixed with Neal’s triumphant guitar riffs is a recipe for musical greatness. “Faithfully” “Still They Ride” and “Who’s Cryin’ Now” are personal favorites. Unfortunately, the duo haven’t worked together in over 25 years. Journey has tried various singers to try to replace him along the way, but it just hasn’t been the same.

Arnel Pineda (their current singer) is a great talent. He sounds pretty close to Steve Perry, but something is missing. Maybe it’s the fact that Neal and Steve had superior writing chemistry. All that to say this – I’m pumped to see Journey this July at Target Field, and there’s nothing I’d love more than to have the opportunity to meet some of my musical heroes.

I’d even be willing to fork over quite a good chunk of money to meet them. But $2,500 to meet Journey without Steve Perry? No thanks. That’s like eating a pizza without any cheese. A rather expensive pizza at that. Journey is playing with Def Leppard at Target Field July 27th. Tickets are on sale now, but do yourself a favor and skip the VIP pass until they bring Steve back.

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