You've eaten the turkey and done the family thing. Next up: Black Friday, the holiest of holy days in the shopping universe. But, here's a little secret. Come close, so we don't have to shout -- you don't have to go to every brick-and-mortar establishment within a 10-miler radius. In fact, you don't have to shop at all.

Yes, it's true. There are other ways you can pass the time on what would otherwise be an ordinary Friday in which you may not have to go to work. With that in mind, why not try spending Black Friday doing one of the following?

Have a second Thanksgiving

Dinner Party

If you had Thanksgiving dinner the day before, you have leftovers. It's just the way it is, kind of like you have leftovers after eating Chinese food. It's just the way it is. Why not invite some friends over with their leftovers and have a party? This way, you can see some pals and find a way to plow through all that pecan pie before it starts growing green hair while hidden so far in the back of your fridge it's legally in a different zip code.



Yes, nothing. As in sit and stare, take a nap or head out for a brisk walk where you can calmly relax and reset. You've got the day off. There's no need to rush around before you have to. With holiday parties and shopping on the horizon, take a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy the rare chance to just chill out.

Binge watch anything


Time was "bingeing" meant you had an eating disorder. Now, it means you have an anti-attention deficit disorder because you have the ability to watch hours and hours of shows or movies in one sitting. Behind on The Walking Dead? No sweat. Finally have the time to see every Lord of the Rings movie? This is your lucky day. Feel like going back in time watch as many episodes of Saved by the Bell as you can? You'll never have a better chance than right now.


Wavebreak Media

Okay, we know this sounds wrong. Who would want to clean? This is called making the most of your time. It's the ideal time to catch up on all that organization around the house you keep putting off. Maybe you want to scrub down your toilet. Maybe you've got to catch up on some emails. Maybe you want to delete a few thousand photos from your phone. While the rest of the world is bum-rushing Target, you can take care of these household chores you may not have the time to do the rest of the year.

Will you try your hand at any of these? Or will you do something else? Or will you follow the herd to the mall to get a jump on all that shopping?

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