New 40 years ago but no doubt made an impact on the genre,1973 was a very good year and what was to become the definition of classic rock, was released that year on vinyl.A perfect example of that definition would be albums like 'Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory', 'The Joker' and 'The Smoker You Drink the Player You Get.' Practically every sub-genre of classic rock was covered in 1973 from debut albums to the likes of Joe Walsh, Traffic, Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top.

The 40th anniversary of classic rock albums is massive, however; I have 40 picked out for you in this 4 part series that I feel have great back stories and are historically and musically significant ( I own all 40 of these albums in this four part series).

I will have them listed alphabetically by album title:

40 isn't so bad when one considers the average life span today, 40 is fairly young.

Happy 40th anniversary as we revisit 1973 with some great landmark classic rock releases.

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