Sometimes when you are cleaning out the basement you can find some crazy treasures... but how about a sword that dates back 400-500 years?  That would be a find, especially when you have seen it sitting there for as long as you can remember, and never had any idea what it really was.

That's what happened to this couple.  All that is actually knows about how the sword managed to make it to Minnesota, was when a WWII vet brought it back with him after his time in Asia.  But why?  That is still somewhat of a mystery.  There are some markings on the sword that made it so it could be traced back to the family in Japan.  There is a family crest on the handle.  The couple who found the sword will be travelling to Japan to return the sword to the original family's descendants.

Maybe we should all check out our basements to see what treasures could be stashed there...

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