Wow, to me it seems like yesterday. September 18th, 1970, rock guitarist and electric guitar genius died due to barbiturate induced asphyxia at the young age of 27.

Evening Standard / Hulton Archive, Getty Images
Evening Standard / Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Hendrix's career as a rock star barely spanned four years but to this day is still considered one of the greatest.

Jimi wrote,produced and performed rock music but was also hailed for favoring over driven amplifiers set to high volume and gain. He was also one of the first to use tone altering effects units,like the fuzz tone, wah wah and the Uni-Vibe in his music.

He was also the first to use stereophonic phasing effects in his recordings and live performances. And, of course, he made feedback his signature trademark.

Rolling Stone magazine declared him Performer of the Year in 1968. Rolling Stone also placed three of Hendrix's albums in the 100 Greatest Albums of All Time. They were "Are You Experienced" "Axis; Bold As Love" and Electric Ladyland".

And his music lives on. Not only his recording but the many artists he inspired.


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