5 Famous Rock Songs That You Didn’t Know Were Covers

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I’m always immensely disappointed when I find out that a song I really love is actually a cover song. Why? Oh, I don’t know. I suppose there’s just something special about being able to do your own song writing. I know it’s an irrational pet-peeve, but I can’t help it. Anyway, here are some classic tunes that you might not have known are actually cover songs.

- Dazed and Confused, Led Zeppelin

I was DEVASTATED when I discovered that this was a cover last week. Dazed and Confused has always been one of my all time favorite Zeppelin tunes, and to discover that they didn’t write it themselves was rather heart-breaking. The original version was by James Holmes in 1965.


- 1985, Bowling For Soup

I’m not exactly a huge fan of the pop punk movement of the early 2000s, but I did like this song. 1985 was the single that made this band relevant for all of about six months… and it was a cover. Lame. The original version was by a group called SR-71 and was recorded in the year 2004.


- Superstition, Stevie Wonder

Yup. The one song that everyone remembers from Stevie Wonder was a cover. The original version was by Jeff Beck in 1972.


- Come on Feel the Noise, Twisted Sister

I don’t exactly care for this song, so I wasn’t disappointed when I realized that Twisted Sister didn’t write it. The original version was by Slade in 1973.


- Blinded by the Light, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

This song is only played about 100 times a day on every classic rock station across the country, but very few people know that it was written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen in 1972.


There you have it - 5 songs you probably didn’t know were covers. I’m still upset over “Dazed and Confused.” I don’t think I’ll ever really get over it.

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