I think most of us have had a few of these symptoms at work and think it may be affecting our performance at work. The World Health Organization defines workplace burnout as this  "chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.". Over 50% percent of people say this is a major problem for them at work.

Check out these 5 signs that you may be suffering from workplace burn-out may be in need of a vacation or possibly a new job altogether.


!. Parts of your job you used to enjoy, you now find it difficult to muster up the motivation.

2. More and more, you get annoyed at work and tend to overreact.

3. A change in personality. You've gone from easy going to a chronic complainer.

4. Disengagement toward your job and co-workers and a loss of your team mentality.

5. Signs of stress like tired eyes, headaches, tight neck and shoulders could mean you are holding a lot of stress.

(NY Post)

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