AT&T announced they'll be rolling out it's 5G in the Twin Cities this year. But what exactly does that mean? It turns out that it means quite a bit. First of all it's faster, more efficient and has a better signal strength. Plus, the 4G LTE cellular band has been getting crowded.

5G wireless network
Iaremenko via Getty Images

So how big of an upgrade will it be? A lot! Right now, 4G LTE can only use lower band frequency, up to 6GHz. Where as 5G will be able to use 30GHz and 300GHz. 5G will free up TONS of bandwidth and will run 20x faster.

So is there a downside? Yes there is. Phones can't run 5G. Companies are expected to release phones that can as early as this year. Apple doesn't plan on having 5G iPhones until next year.

Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile all expect to follow suit with 5G access soon. If your still confused or have more questions, click here for more information.



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