Urban legends.  Do you remember that movie?  Absolutely one of the creepiest movies I have seen.  I'm always more freaked out by those kind of movies... the ones that seem like they could happen.  Those kind of movies scare me more than like the gory ones... the slasher movies.  Those movies seem so incredible.  But the ones like The Shining, or these Urban Legends things... yeah.  Scary.  The one with someone that is going to kill the driver of the car and is in the back seat is super creepy.

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But anyway, there are 6 famous Minnesota Urban Legends.  A couple of them I had heard of before, but there are a couple that I had absolutely no idea.  And quite honestly, I was ok not knowing.  But since I now know, now you get to share in this knowledge as well. Lucky you.

You can find this thing at the Runestone Museum (there's a museum?) in Alexandria.  The story says that it was supposedly left behind by Scandinavian Explorers.  It has these weird runic markings and is from supposedly from the 1300s.  But in the 19th century, it was found to be a hoax.  But some people still believe in it.

This is one that I have heard of before.  I heard of it actually while in Fargo... there were people there that were from Vergas and that's who told me about this one.  Vergas is just South of Detroit Lakes.  This story was even featured on SyFy's 'Haunted Highways'.  Apparently this "hairy man" is like 8 feet tall and has been blamed for animal deaths.  People have claimed to have seen him around- maybe this is Sasquatch.

Apparently there are a few versions of this story.  But the gist is that a Native American woman lost her baby to a rushing river.  The water swept the child away, and she claimed that the river was a "thief".  The legend says that if you listen you can hear her cries as she is still wandering around looking for her child.  This is one that if you told someone about this while camping, you know people are going to say they heard her.  The power of suggestion.

Grey Cloud Island is a little town by Cottage Grove, by the Twin Cities.  I have never heard of this one, but apparently it's one of the better known legends.  People have claimed to have been followed by a white pick-up truck that will just suddenly disappear.  Sounds like the movie Duel.  Another common sight here is a dude in a flannel holding a hunting rifle.  And he looks ghostly.

This just sounds like the Loch Ness Monster.  Instead of Nessie, it's Pepie.  Ok, whatever.  Supposedly this "serpent" is friendly and doesn't hurt anyone.  There is a swimming area nearby, but no one has ever been hurt, just some "sightings".  And evidently there is even a festival in Pepie's honor.  It's Pepie Fest!

Ok, this one... I'm out.  Anything claiming to be like 15 feet tall and basically a wolfman...I want no part of.  This thing is supposedly in Northern Minnesota thick forests.  Here's the really weird part.  He's too thin to see to the side, but straight on, it's a horrific sight.  Again, this one comes from ancient Native American legends.  So, we'll say the story has grown throughout the many years of being told.

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