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If you, by chance got to see The Band at Woodstock then you witnessed history with that band just by themselves as Robbie Robertson rarely and I mean rarely performs in public.

The last time Robbie Robertson performed was in 2007 at the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival, however; he has been pretty busy as a composer, producer, and performer in a considerable amount of films.

In 2007 Levon Helm (drums) won a Grammy for his LP, 'Dirt Farmer' and toured til his passing in 2012 from cancer.

Garth Hudson (keyboards) still performs with his own band, The Best, he also gets a lot of work as a session player.

Rick Danko (Bass/vocals) passed away in 1999 after many years of doing painkillers/alcohol for chronic pain suffered from a car crash in 1968.

Richard Manuel (keyboards) committed suicide from struggling with substance abuse in 1986.

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The Band performing, "The Weight' 1969 Woodstock: