Reality TV.  Something I would never do... unless it was the Amazing Race.  That seems like it would be a ton of fun, and cool to see the world while you're at it.

But Big Brother is one of my "trash TV" guilty pleasures.  This season there is/was a contestant from Minnesota.  Michael Bruner is an attorney from Rochester.  And, if you have been watching, you know that it looked like he had a really good... in fact, a great chance of winning the $750,000 prize.  He was winning so many competitions on the show. Nine of them, to be exact.  That beats the Big Brother record held by infamous contestant Janelle, who is also from Minnesota.  Way to represent!

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Anyway, last night ended the run for Michael Bruner.  If you know the game, you know that if someone is winning basically everything they compete in, you have to end their run.  That's just normal game-play.  And Bruner, as a super fan of the show knew that.  He said they made the right move on voting him out, or he would have probably won the whole thing.

I don't think I could handle being in that house for potentially 3 months with absolutely no contact with the outside world.  If you watch the show it's a lot of whispering, gossiping, strategizing about the game, and just sitting around doing nothing.  Not for me.  But it's kind of fun to watch.

Bruner heads to the "jury house" which is where a certain amount of evicted houseguests go to eventually decide who wins the big pot at the end of the "Big Brother Rainbow".  The show ends on September 28th.

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