We all hear the sterotypes about people from Minnesota. Ask anyone when you go on a vacation and they will be glad to let you know what they think someone from Minnesota will say or do.

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One of the biggest misconceptions about Minnesota is that we always are cold, and it's always snowy here.  This is the land of extremes, as we all know.  We have very cold temperatures, we have very hot and humid temps and we have mosquitoes.  I would rather deal with the first two and never have mosquitoes.  I always feel that there has to be a reason for every creature on earth, but that one escapes me.

Other things that people always bring up about Minnesota and it's residents is...


Apparently we ALL sound like the cast of the movie Fargo.  That isn't totally true, but it's also not totally wrong.  If you are out in the sticks (rural areas) you will definitely hear that accent  Obviously with some people more than others.


This one fits with almost anything  "Would you like a ride?" "Would you like something to eat or drink?" "Can I help you with that thing?" "You only have one thing, why don't you go ahead of me."


We all know where that is, and we all know that it's the best mini vacation you can take either as a couple, friends or with the family.


Yes, that isn't just goulash.  It's anything mixed up and baked.  "We're just going to have a hotdish tonight"  That could basically mean almost anything


Anyone who has been to the Great Minnesota Get-together knows this to be true, There is even hotdish on a stick, as crazy as that sounds.


This one will fit almost any scenario.  Good, bad or otherwise.


Confused as to what this is?  It's very Minnesotan.  It can be used in front of almost any adjective.  Example: Too funny, too cute, too strange, too.... whatever.  You know you have heard this one.


I just learned that some people have no idea what that instrument is for...and we keep them in our cars all year round because "you just never know".

Bonus Minnesota thing.... Ending your sentence with "so".  Examples:  We are going to meet them out for dinner, so....  I stopped at the store and picked up a pie, so.... We are going to leave a bit early today, so....

Happy Minnesota!

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