There are snacks that we, as kids of the 80s, will more than likely never feed our own kids, more or less because they are just not available anymore.  Probably because they really were not the healthiest things in the world. But let's admit that the 80s were a time of decadance and they were super yummy...and fun!  Just not very good FOR us.

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There are a couple of my favorites on this list.  Pudding Pops would be one of them.  Why did those go away?  We didn't know at that time about how creepy Bill Cosby was/is.  Or were they really that unhealthy?

The other things on this list were definitely unhealthy.

Check out this list of delicious, yet very unhealthy snacks we had in the 80s as our favorites.  I'm sure there are more, but this is just a short list that I found.


This cereal - how fun!!  You get a two for one.  You actually get two cereals in the same box and you could mix and match at will.  Or eat them separately.  You get to choose.

By the way - this is currently on EBAY with a bid of $1,000!  "Used"(they ate the cereal) from 1989.  Crazy.



These were the elves' shortbread cookies with a gooey fudgy middle.  They were highly caloric, but no one cared.  Just eat them - like share the entire package and love them!



We will never see anything like this again.  SLIMER!  The best character from the movie Ghostbusters had his own drink.  And way more sugar than any supposedly healthy drink should have. It did have a brief comeback in New York City for a promotion for the movie that came out in 2021. Very limited.



These were the same as the smaller size, they were just as big as say... a Crumbl Cookie.  They were huge!  However, the time that they were around was not huge.  And how 80s is this commercial?

MCDONALD'S HAPPY MEALS (or at least the toys)

Happy Meals are still around, but no longer have the cheapy, yet fun little toys.  That is seriously a bummer.  They took most of the toys out of cereals you get now too.  It's part of being a kid.  Getting silly things like this, but now, we need to be all responsible and stuff.  (yes, sarcasm).

What are some of the fun snack foods that you remember as an 80s kid that are no longer available?

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