Not something that we normally hear about in January in Minnesota.  But here we are.  Golf courses are open... at least some of them are.  How long they will remain open totally depends on the weather.  As in, how long will the mild temperatures last?  There are definitely pros and cons to the mild temperatures.  If you are someone who loves to golf, this is absolutely a bonus.

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One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to call the golf course that you are interested in, to see if they are open or not.  Also - because the ground is stll very soft, you will need to walk the course.  Carts will generally not be allowed at this time.

There is a website that reports on golf courses not only in Minnesota, but also in surounding states.

Looking for Golf Courses & Driving Ranges Open in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa & Northern Missouri for the 2023 Golf Season? Scroll down to view the list of course opening dates this spring.

On this site, they keep a tally of what is open and what the conditions are.  You may need to call the specific golf course to make sure when/if you can make a tee time. And obviously things may change from day to day.  So, that does seem to be one positive for this crazy weather that we are experiencing.  That is, if you love to golf.  The site does say it was updated in 2023, but this is also a strange year, and apparently the courses that state they are open, or call for a tee time, are actually open now... if even just temporarily.

Top Golf, which is adding another location in Woodbury is also open if you would like to just practice your swing.  Also, there is an indoor driving range opening at US Bank Stadium just for the weekend of Feb 23-25.

Options for golf in Minnesota in the Winter... crazy.

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