Most of us have started using free cloud-based services in our daily personal lives, especially since we have smart phones. What do you do when a fee to use it happens?

We're used to paying for software that we have in-hand to install in our computer, or buying games for the Playstation, but there's always been a little apprehensiveness when it comes to buying a service that's web-based that you can't physically hold in your hand.

Seriously, when you do it once, it becomes an addiction with being OK to do it again. What I'm worried about is when we start having to pay for services that were never supposed to charge, that we depend heavily on, announce they'll start charging a fee to use it.

Would you pay 99 cents a month to use Facebook (or other social media)? For me, the answer is 'yes'. It's a major part of my life when it comes to entertainment, communication, and business. A mere 99 cents a month would be well worth it. How about you?

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