When you go to the Benton County Fair in Sauk Rapids, don't skip out on taking a lap through the Sportsman's Club building. It was my first stop at the fair this year and I saw something I never thought I would see in my life.

I love all things outdoors and animals, and I make sure I make it into the Sportsman's Club building every single year. This year I was there around 1 PM on Tuesday (the first day of the fair) and I was the only one in there other than the men running the booth for questions.

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As I walked around admiring the taxidermy, live birds, and fish tanks, I stopped just to the right of the northern pike in the fish enclosure. I'm always mesmerized by the fish, and as I watched them swim around, one of the northern suddenly came swimming to the top of the tank, and threw it's whole body at the top piece of plastic that prevents the fish from being able to jump out.

Or at least it is supposed to protect them from jumping.

Suddenly the top was off the tank, and this decent-sized northern had flung itself through the air and smacked down onto the concrete of the building floor.

My jaw dropped from my face, and the only thing I could say was "your northern got out!", which obviously isn't a sentence that is uttered much at the fair. The men running the informational booth seemed confused and said "what?". So I repeated myself, "your northern got out of the tank and is on the ground."

They had been standing on the opposite side of the tank and hadn't seen the fish gymnastics that had just happened in front of me. They acted fast, came and scooped u the fish and put it back into the tank.

I didn't get a chance to go back to the Sportsman's Club building before I left the fair to check on the flying fish that pulled a full Finding Nemo and tried to escape. Hopefully, it was doing OK after the eventful start to the fair.

You just never know what you are going to see at the Benton County Fair.

Abbey Minke Graves
Abbey Minke Graves
Abbey Minke Graves
Abbey Minke Graves

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