I'm the first one to admit that I am not that big of a fan of saunas.  Saunas and hot tubs are just that... hot.  I'm not generally one who chooses to be hot.  But, if you are looking to get some muscle strain relief, or you'd like to relax, or if you would just like to "sweat it out", this might be just the thing.

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It's certainly not boring.  A floating sauna.  Yes, a sauna that you climb into, and tool around the lake while you relax in the sauna.

This is located in Grand Marais.  This floating sauna just launched this month.  And is now open for business.

You’re certain to feel refreshed and relaxed after a steam in Sisu and Löyly’s floating sauna. Visit Sisu and Löyly’s website for more information about the floating sauna and signing up for a session.

What's great about this sauna is that when you need to cool off, you have an instant "polar plunge" that is available right outside the door.  If you book a session in the sauna, you might as well book a weekend on the North Shore.  Take advantage of the great hotels and resorts that are available.  Plus, taking in the Fall colors... there is a short window for that activity, but there are plenty of other things to do if you miss that event.

Have a great time in the sauna with great views as there are windows all around the sauna.  So, obviously you need to dress "accordingly", not like some traditional saunas that you may have exprienced.

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