Every week Johnny U comes in and tries to make us laugh.  Generally he doesn't have any success with this.  And since he will be on vacation next week and will be unable to come in, you would think he would have turned it up a bit more, right?  Not Johnny U!  Just as terrible as it is every other week.  In fact, he brought in 3 different jokes.  Two regular ones and one golf joke, since it is still golf season.

Baxter and I both thought these were awful, but you can be the judge of these "jokes".

Come to think of it, we do the Stand Up Comedy Spotlight twice in the morning... every weekday morning.  That is way more entertaining (usually) than Johnny U.  But, Johnny wants a new career as a joke teller/comedian.  Do you think he has a shot?  Maybe some of the people that we have on the Stand Up Comedy Spotlight should take some time out of their day and give him some pointers.

Just a thought.  Think it worked?


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