Well it's both, I play Santa every year and it's very rewarding, let me tell you why.

Santa 2

Every year at the Schwarting's house I play a Santa Claus to the less fortunate families that they invite so they too can have a Christmas.

Every year they have the families gather in their garage where they supply the gifts that they buy and wrap, a feast which includes a punch of some kind and desserts a plenty.

I enter as Santa and sit in one corner of their garage, as my assistants bring the gifts to me I take each one out of the bag and call their names one by one.

The memories of all the little one's smiles as they receive their presents is priceless. Last Christmas especially I had one little boy who was so overjoyed to see Santa, he followed me everywhere I went in the garage and then out of nowhere came over to me and gave me a big hug. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

To do that deed is really more than rewarding, maybe gratifying is a better word.

I look forward to playing Santa again this year and as long as I can.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!