Up here in the Midwest, it's not that often that we see A-list celebrities unless they are here for a show of some sort.  And then it's just at the venue that the show is being held, such as the Target Center, Xcel Energy Center, Target Field, US Bank Stadium, or any of the great theatres that we have around the state.

But to find out that an A-list celebrity comes to Minnesota every year to go duck hunting with some friends, is kind of cool.  That celebrity is Eddie Murphy.  He and his co-stars from the Beverly Hills Cop movies come to Minnesota every year.  The other two people that usually join him are Judge Reinhold and John Ashton.  They played the two bumbling cops that are trying to "help" Axl Foley in the movies, they eventually become friends both on and off the set.

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Judge Reinhold let the cat out of the bag in a recent interview, and it seems that Eddie's family doesn't really like the whole duck hunting idea, and won't let him display them how he might like.

“Eddie probably wouldn’t want anybody to know this but he’s an avid duck hunter, we go duck hunting every year up in Minnesota,” Reinhold revealed, joking, “He’s got a lot of stuffed ducks that he’s not allowed to keep around the house. He has a duck room.”

Reinhold didn't specify where exactly where in Minnesota they go, but just that this has been a tradition for many years.  Now I'm curious.

Next time you go duck hunting in Minnesota, stay on the lookout, you may just run into Eddie Murphy and company.  By the way, Beverly Hills Cop 4 : Axl F will be out on Netflix July 3rd.

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