I know full well the bond that you can make with your pet.  Last November we had to put our little dog down after 17 years. He had kidney failure.  It really did feel like we were putting him out of his misery, even though this was like putting down a member of our family... he was a member of our family.


I heard this story while I was watching the news this evening.  It's one of those where you feel like you are going to ugly cry when you find out what happened in the end...for both of them. Especially if you have a pet that's been a part of your life.

A man originally from Burnsville, a retired firefighter, found himself diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Most people with this diagnosis don't live very long.  Alex Trebek from Jeopardy seems almost super-human.  But anyway, Daniel Hove, had a dog, a yellow lab.  And that dog was his companion.  He was 11 years old.  Hove's daughter says that they shared everything.  Every piece of furniture, he laid next to him while Hove was going through his treatments, and was really his constant.

The dog seemed to be getting sicker and sicker, as did Hove.  Finally, he was taken to the vet.  He had to be put down.  Daniel Hove passed away an hour and a half later.  They will always be together.

You have got to see this video... I saw the story originally on KARE 11.  It's kind of amazing.  Check it out.

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