If your desire is to live in a 'big city' then this list is your go-to for deciding where to live. You don't have to move too far, as a city in Minnesota is in the top 10 big cities to live in.

Minnesota has a lot of small towns, especially here in central Minnesota. After high school, many of our adventurous teens dream about getting to a big city. It's quite a shock adapting to city life, so it's important to pick a big city that has great opportunity, safe living, and easy traffic.

The folks at Wallethub have released their annual 2017 list of the best "big cities" in the U.S.A. and Minnesota has a city in that list!

You may have guessed it, Minneapolis made the list and ranks at #7 out of all the big cities in the United States. That's quite a feat, and yet another reason living in Minnesota is just plain awesome!

Here's the cities that made their top 10:

10 - San Jose, CA
9 - Denver, CO
8 - Las Vegas, NV
7 - Minneapolis, MN
6 - Austin, TX
5 - Colorado Springs, CO
4 - San Diego, CA
3 - Pittsburgh, PA
2 - Seattle, WA
1 - Virginia Beach, VA

I'm a little surprised that Las Vegas made the top 10 list, and possibly because the University of Las Vegas is out there. There's definitely plenty of job opportunity out there!

As a part resident of Minneapolis, I can say that it is a great 'big city' to live in. There are bad parts of the city, but every big city has that. Congrats Minnesota for making another top 10 "best of" list!!


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