Alright.  I have noticed that there have been more and more kids sportin' the business in the front, party in the back hairstyles.  But there's actually a National... NATIONAL Championship for this hairstyle??

Apparently so.

There are two divisions of the championship too. There is a teenage division and a kids division.  Sorry guys from the 80s who never let the hairstyle go... you are not eligible.  Or are you??  There is also a category for you.

According to Bring Me the News, this contest has 675 entries, and the leader, Emmitt Bailey from Menomonee, Wisconsin, has around 2000 votes as of the writing of this story.  There could be more by now.

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What do you win?  Well, for a kid with a distinctive hairstyle, it's not too bad.  The winner gets the purse of $2500.  Not too shabby... or shaggy as the case may be.

And how is the contestant from Minnesota doing?  His name is Callen Steinbrink and he is from Austin.  He is currently in 16th place.  There is another kid from Wisconsin who is in 4th place.

Eric Bailey, Emmitt's father, said the publicity of his kid's mullet has "gone beyond our wildest dreams." He noted that his favorite former and current NFL players Jared Allen and JJ Watt shared Emmitt's profile to vote for on social media.

You can follow along with this championship on the USA Mullet Championship website. 

Who would have thought that this crazy possibly outdated hairstyle would garner such attention and money apparently??  Well, good for them. If you are a grown-up who still has this hairstyle, maybe you could make some money by charging or taking bids to cut it off.  No judgement... just a possible money making venture.  It's just hair.  It will grow back.

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