Waite Park Police are reporting a stolen vehicle on the 2000 block of Frontage Road South.  Alicia Mages from Tri-County Crimestoppers says it is a 2016 white Dodge Ram 2500 with dealer plates on it.

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The Sherburne County Sheriff's Department are reporting a fraud where someone received a phone call claiming to to be a local police department official saying the victim missed a court date and needed to pay fines to avoid facing criminal charges.  Mages says the victim of this scam received phone calls from people claiming to be from other local authorities including the fire department as well.  She says these were voice over IP numbers which allowed to spoof those numbers identity.  Mages says the investigation has revealed the scammers were able to obtain quite a bit of money from the victim.  She says the investigation also determined the source of the scammers were coming from a foreign country.  Mages cautions people to question any suspicious threats made against them and involve authorities when necessary.

If you have information on any unsolved crimes in the Stearns, Benton or Sherburne County area please report information by calling Crimestoppers at 1-800-255-1301, online at tricountycrimestoppers.org and click on submit a tip or use the P3 mobile app and submit your information that way.



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