It's a fact of life in Minnesota, it is going to snow, and if you've got a student in your house the dream for them is to have a couple of snow days every winter. So knowing that we have to get close with our snow removal tools we've begun to name our snowplows, and now it seems at least in one Minnesota town they are doing something a little bit more personal with their snowplows. The town is letting students paint their snowplow blades.

The city of Northfield, located in the South Central portion of the state, just off I-35 is letting students from a school paint the city's snow plow blades.

The City of Northfield is displaying their fleet of snowplow blades that were painted by St. Dominic art students on October 28 through 30 at the rodeo grounds located at Highway 3 and Bollenbacher Drive.
The students in grades 4 through 8 researched potential art pieces, recreated the pieces in the correct size for the blades, and voted on which pieces would go on the snowplow blades. This year’s theme is “Around the World” in the style of Mid-Century Modern. It took the students about four weeks to apply two coats of paint to nine snowplow blades.
After the public display, the community will see the blades on city snowplows when it snows.
You can see from the post from the city of Northfield what last year's plow blades looked like after being painted.
What a great idea, and even more so, what a great feeling for these local kids seeing their artwork being driven around town!

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