Switzerland is offering it's movie goers a unique cinema experience..have you ever dreamed of having a cinema in your bedroom? well, this comes close.

This unique cinema in Switzerland features 11 beds with adjustable headrests with clean sheets and 2 pillows. they even offer bedside tables for all your movie snacks. With a VIP ticket, you get a double bed and free food brought right to you bedside.

A VIP ticket will set you back about $48.50. A regular ticket is $19, so for all the extras, free food and drink and no waiting in line, it'll cost you a bit more.. They even offer slippers to enhance  your movie going experience.


The CEO of Pathe' Switzerland also announced that new food offerings are coming like crepes' and waffles. They also have a couch theater and beanbag theater for the kids.

I can't imagine what could possibly go wrong here, can you?  I guess if your teenage daughter has a movie date, maybe it would be a good idea to put this theater off limits. Good luck on that!

No mention of when they plan to expand this type of theater to America but you know it's coming.

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