Another week and gone by and you would think with that extra time the at Johnny U would have improved his joke telling game, right?  That may not be the case.  It's a really good thing that he is great at his other job, because this one is never going to be his forte'.

Although he does have quite the unique style shirt on today, doesn't he?  If you remember Baxter's shirt for the first day of Summer... that was pretty bad.  Now this one is coming up on Johnny U's Friday shirt.  I don't think his wife knows that he wore that, or he got dressed in the dark and didn't realize what he was wearing.

They both said the shirts were on sale... were there a lot of them on sale?  That is always the kicker.  On clearance and there is a big supply.  No one liked it.  That is the bottom line.

Bad jokes, bad attire... Johnny, Johnny, Johnny....

Have a great weekend!

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