I think it’s safe to say that everyone has musical guilty pleasures – music that you aren’t necessarily proud of yourself for listening to, that you certainly don’t want your friends to know about, but still crank it up every time it comes on the radio. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

It’s not often I can say that I have a genuine guilty pleasure when it comes to music though. I proudly flaunt the bands that I listen to on a regular basis, and typically don’t take issue with ridiculing pop music. However, there are a few pop groups/artists that do make my guilty pleasures list.

Among them: Journey, Tears For Fears, Rick Springfield, and finally (insert drum roll here) … The Bee Gees. There, I said it. I like The Bee Gees and I don’t care what anyone says. Those guys had some seriously funky tunes, not to mention they were incredible singers. Unfortunately, (for obvious reasons if you follow them) you won’t be able to see them perform live ever again.

But fret not fellow Bee Gees fan! There’s still a glimmer of hope. If you’d still like a chance to see all of those killer songs live you can swing by Pioneer Place (St. Cloud) from April 2nd through April 4th and check out “Jive Talkin’: Music Of The Bee Gees.” Justin Ploof and The Throwbacks will be getting together to play all of your favorite Bee Gees’ tunes. Tickets will be available for purchase online soon.

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