Some people think playing a video game is a waste of time. That there is no benefit from it. I disagree.

I think there are some positive things to gaming if you play them in moderation, just like anything else in life. There are some benefits to playing video games. Not only can they be fun, but they can also be educational at the same time.

One example is a video game called Farming Simulator 19. I saw it was a free download through Playstation Plus recently, so I downloaded it. A couple of weeks later, my daughter started playing it. At first, she was just goofing around, but that soon became serious business.

Next thing you know, she starts telling me all about her farm.

Because of this game, she has been learning about the inner workings of a farm.
She knows now about planting and harvesting crops. She's learning about harvesters, cultivators, seeders, weeders, fertilizers, and the role they play. She now knows what crops are the cheapest to grow and easiest to harvest and which ones make more of a profit.

@Playstation via YouTube
@Playstation via YouTube

She's also learning how expensive it all can be. So to pay for it, she had to get a loan and is paying it off with her profits from her farm.

But it's not just working the fields, she's also learning about farm animals as well. How each type of animal provides different things such as food, wool for clothes, and even fertilizer for her fields.

One of the most important things she is learning is that the farming life is tough.

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