Oh, the irony! Aaron Rodgers threw some blame at the officials after the Packers 28 - 22 loss to the Vikings.

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We’ve heard Minnesota Vikings fans say it for years. Even some football fans, in general, have said it, as well as national TV broadcasters — the Green Bay Packers, get a lot of officiating love. Don’t believe it. Let’s look back at the Packers/Lions game from last year. The two phantom, “hands to the face”, calls on Trey Flowers. They both came on 3rd down plays, which led to Green Bay scores, and a Green Bay win.


All Aaron Rodgers has to do is bat his eyes at the officials during the game, maybe throw in a butt slap, and at some point, they will throw a flag for a penalty that did not happen. And it always seems to happen on a crucial play, like a 3rd down that the Packers fail to convert - cue the flag.

So when Erin Rogers (yep, that was intentional) has the gall to ever say that the refs purposely called (or didn’t call) a penalty that went against his team, Vikings fans have to laugh out loud -- I did. (go to 2:10 in the video)

Sorry Aaron, the refs did not bail your team out this past week. But I’m sure they’ll be back to finding a way to give you a win soon enough.

This YouTuber goes as far as to imply that maybe there is collusion happening.

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