Someone once said they liked a guy in uniform.  If you know Angus Young of AC/DC he wears a school boy in disgrace uniform while performing. During the course of the show, as the crowd goes wild the uniform for the most part comes off and eventually the crowd gets a bird's eye view of his derriere.

That my friend is a stalwart that Angus incorporates in every show. When we go to see AC/DC we expect to see that. Many of the performers reach into their bag of tricks and pull out one of their own.

I recall a few myself, back in the late 70's during a Jethro Tull concert towards the end of the show those big balloons come out and attack to the point it became a cliche'.

I saw The Kinks five different times and each time Ray Davies would tease the crowd by starting off to perform Lola and then go into a different song, eventually would come back and sing it or have the crowd sing it.

The Electric Light Orchestra's Andy Craig and Hugh McDowell would throw their Cello's in the air while performing and catch them and never miss a beat, crazy to watch yet amazing to see.

Stevie Nicks would twirl in and out of Fleetwood Mac on stage.

Pink Floyd probably best known for their outlandish stage shows soon released the pig after "The Animals" tour from 1987-1999, initially the pig was black with Nazi-like animated hammers on it side. Roger Waters even had a pig covered in graffiti float away at the outdoor Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California (later found some few miles away). How cool is that, right?

It's one thing to bust up your guitar similar to what Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townsend of The Who did, but your organ?  Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer flops his organ one way then another before stabbing it with a knife. Carl Palmer would take his shirt off during a drum solo, these things would always look forward to being a part of.

I always loved to go the big show, I never knew what to expect but after you see a performer once and witness their legendary antic, it draws you back time after time after time.

As many a rocker would say at the end of the night with the applause in the background ,"Thanks so much, we'll see ya next time".

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