Minnesota appears poised to 'free the nipple' as the state senate debates a bill that would decriminalize females exposing their breasts in public spaces.

I believe this law has the right idea, as I do agree that the law should be equal for both men and women. With that being said, I think they have it backwards. I think ALL nipples should be hidden in most circumstances.

With the obvious exception of breastfeeding, I don't see the need for ANYONE to be running around shirtless. I've seen the half-man/half-ape neighbor dude down the street mowing his lawn without a shirt on for the better part of ten years now and I can assure you that no one wants to see that.

That's why I keep my shirt on at all times when in public. I know what I am not working with.

When I swim, I cover up with a swimming shirt that I didn't even realize was a thing until I hit my 30's. The world would have been much better off if I had gotten one a LOT sooner, trust me. No one is doing a non-disgusted double-take when I walk around shirtless, it's mostly a gagging sound and groan in most cases. Yet, I am free to walk around shirtless at my discretion? Madness.

So, I propose we Ban the Nipple for everyone. No more dudes roaming around shirtless all willy-nilly. We can all just wear shirts/tank tops/sports bras or whatever else we need to, to make sure we don't see any nipples we don't want to see.

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