Something I have always wanted to do is visit London... well, the UK in general, but London would be cool, especially if I also got to see the Minnesota Vikings play while there.

This game is happening October 2nd at London's Tottenham Hotspur stadium when the Vikings will take on the New Orleans Saints.  And you could be there!  One way is to just buy your tickets to go.  How much will that cost you?  Right now that would be A LOT as the seats are sold out.  So, you would be at the mercy of someone reselling their seats.  I found this out by going to the Vikings website and wanted to see how much the "Fan Packages" were.  That included airfare, hotel and tickets to the game.  Since this game is sold out my though is that there are a lot of fans that live in London and have tickets to the game.  It would be a cool thing to see.

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So, since this is the case, how could you go for just $10?  Adam Thielen has a foundation that supports youth development.  For just a $10 donation to the foundation, you have a chance to win airfare, hotel, tickets to the game and some signed gear for two!  That's a great deal, and you would be donating to a great cause too.

Here is the Facebook post with all of the information that Adam Thielen is offering.

So, for just a $10 donation, you could win a very cool trip.  You have 24 days to enter. as of today (Friday). Chances are that you will just be making a donation to a charitable cause, but it's a good cause, so there's that.  Good Luck!

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