The cameras were quick to get shots of him standing on the sidelines, minus uniform, every time the Vikings would make a mistake.
The expression I saw read Wait, that's what I go out and kill myself week after week for???
Adrian Peterson has been on the Vikes sideline with an injury the past three weeks. He says he will be in there against The Saints this coming Sunday (12/18).
He admits to only being "85%": that still makes him the best RB in the league but in the end won't make much of a difference against Drew Brees and his boys.
The same outfit that kept us from the Super Bowl in 2009.
If you've caught FOX 9's Jim Rich and myself at all weekday afternoons at 4:45 since AP has been out, you've probably heard Jim question the logic of putting your multi-million dollar superstar in there when the season is literally a total loss.
Peterson suffered the high ankle sprain against the Oakland Raiders on Nov. 20. After making him the highest-paid running back in NFL history in the offseason, the Vikings indeed didn't want to risk their investment by rushing Peterson back in a season in which the playoffs were not an option.
But they don't call him "All Day" for nothing.
If he feels healthy, he's gonna play.
QB Christian Ponder's hip injury has also reportedly improved so he's expected to start (personally, I'd throw my man Joe Webb out there: why not tinker around at this point, Coach Frazier? See what happens.
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