During the pandemic, one of the biggest industries that kept on moving was home renovations, construction and remodeling.  I personally feel like it was because so many people were at home, looking around and realizing that maybe some things needed some upgrading.

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When ripping up carpeting in an older home, there are some amazing things that you can find.  The thing that most people hope for, if you are ever watching any of the HGTV or DIY home improvement shows is hard wood floors.  Like natural, reusable hardwood foors in good or even great condition.  The worst thing to find is rotted wood, or floors with basically no support.  Some treasures you could find would be things written on the walls or floors from families who have lived there before. Could be creepy, could be endearing.

But what if you found this-

A family ripped up the carpet and found a life-sized Monopoly board painted on the floor.  Would you keep it?  Would you cover it with another flooring of some sort?  Depending on where it was, might be kind of a cool thing... like if it was in the basement or something. Definitely a conversation piece.  But, you would probably have to make some life sized game pieces along with some Community Chest and Chance cards to play the game.  Maybe the game pieces are just you walking around the board. That would work.  Whatever the case, I think it would be a pretty cool thing to find under the carpet during a home renovation.

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