ALBANY (WJON News) -- Albany High School should have a Boys' Junior Varsity Soccer Team next year. At their last meeting, the Albany School Board voted four to two in favor of adding Boys' JV Soccer for the 2024-2025 school year as a fully self-funded sport.

The Albany Soccer Club will fund the team, and  Soccer Club Secretary Beth Willenbring says they are excited to have the team added finally:

"We're really excited.  The boys have worked hard and we're just really excited that we can get them some competition next year."

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Albany School Board Chair Matt Kreuzer says it will be a learning curve for the school to have their first club-funded sport:

"There'll be some learning. I have a lot of trust in my administrative team, activities director, and also on the board committee level to kind of, guard rail is the right term, but help kind of shape the expectations on both sides so they can hopefully transition into a successful junior varsity program next year."

Willenbring says the challenge for the club is now to raise the money. She says they have started a GoFundMe page and are developing plans for additional fundraising activities.



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