I could barely contain my excitement for yesterday's release of Ride Out from Bob Seger. I mean seriously, it was the first new music from him in eight years but it just wasn't quite what I expected. 

When I heard the first few songs I was pretty disappointed, not because the songs were terrible or he didn't sound good.  Detroit Made is a great song and incredible tribute to his hometown but I found the music to be totally overbearing, to the point of where it was hard to hear and understand Bob's amazing voice.



The next few songs -- Hey Gypsy, The Devil's Right Hand, Ride Out and Adam and Eve -- are not bad songs.  I don't think they quite measure up to some of my all time favorite Seger hits but they're not favorites.  That isn't to say they won't grow on me over time but there is nothing that jumped out at me and screamed 'dang, this awesome!'

Now when I got to the second half of the album, my thoughts changed drastically.  These are some awesome, very Seger-like tunes.  California Stars is a sweet song about laying under the stars and letting all your stress and troubles drift away.

It's Your World, a haunting song,  takes on the climate change issue which he knows may hurt him.  I think regardless of your opinion on the issue the song makes you think.  I don't think his goal is to necessarily make you see things the way he does but to think about the issue and what the consequences of certain actions are.

All The Roads and You Take Me In are reminiscent of some of my favorite Bob Seger songs.  They take a look at life and the relationships that are built over time.

My two favorite songs on the album are Listen and Let The Rivers Run.  Again I would say these songs are about life and taking time to appreciate it.

If I were to judge Ride Out on the first few songs, I would say it's definitely not a favorite.  However, the second part makes up for what the first part lacks.  The songs are better, Bob's voice is strong and full of life.  I'd say if you love Bob Seger as much as I do, you should take a listen to this project and add it to your collection.