Hard to believe with all the bars, nightclubs, off sales and beer and liquor commercials that at one time it was actually illegal to possess and consume alcoholic beverages.


Well, in February,1933 the 21st Amendment was drafted to end the prohibition of alcoholic beverages. Hungering for tax revenue and the quest to put a half of million people back to work, it passed easily.  Even politicians that had earlier voted in favor of prohibition voted to repeal it.

On December 5th, 1933 it became perfectly legal to consume your favorite alcoholic drink. The story is that people came out in droves to go to their local tavern and celebrate. I'm guessing it was one hell of a celebration.

This story draws a lot of parallels to today's quest to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The generation of a bundle of tax revenues and all the jobs it would create just makes sense.

After all, it's a plant. I believe soon it will be legal nationally just like alcohol is in most places in the U.S.

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