Alec Baldwin got himself removed from an American Airlines flight yesterday for playing Words With Friends on his phone while parked at a gate at LA International Airport.

I get the obsession with Words With Friends, and I also understand why Alec would think it was ok to have his electronic devise (cell phone) turned on, I mean come on, why would you have to turn it off if you are just sitting at the gate? But apparently that's how it is, and when Baldwin was asked to turn off his phone, he got angry.

Alec took to Twitter immediately to express his feelings on the issue tweeting "Flight attendant on American Airlines reamed me out for playing words with friends while we sat at the gate, not moving. No wonder American Airlines is bankrupt."

Just minuets later he took a stab at the crew tweeting "Last flight w/ American. Where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 50's find jobs as flight attendants." Ok, that wasn't very nice of him...

But what finally got him removed from the flight was when he went to the bathroom he slammed the door so hard the captain heard it, and kicked him off the plane himself.

The next tweet from Alec was slightly hypocritical, after saying he would never fly American again, his next tweet was "Now on the 3PM American flight. The employees already look... smarter."

So the tweets were uncalled for, but getting kicked off the plane for playing Words With Friends...totally worth it if you ask me, I love that game!