Remember before the pandemic- people were planning on seeing so many concerts.  2020 was a year that we were going to see so many bands touring- more than we had seen in any recent history.  Bands who hadn't toured in YEARS.  It was going to be a great year.

Then the pandemic hit and everything changed.

Now, many of those bands are starting to reschedule their tours.  Some of them have been scheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled again.  Hopefully they won't have to reschedule for the fourth time.

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One of those anticipated concerts is Alice Cooper.  The show was scheduled at Mystic Lake Casino originally, and was cancelled.  He was also set to play Moondance, and that was cancelled as well even though Moondance did go on in 2021 as the last festival.

Now, Alice Cooper, along with Buckcherry, has announced his 2022 tour. There is a stop planned for April of next year again at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake.  Officially the show is scheduled for April 2 at 7:30.  Tickets are on sale now.  But act fast- limited availability.  The website shows tickets starting at $59.

There are some safety and health requirements listed on their website and they also have this suggestion:

We want you to enjoy the entire show! Please arrive 45 minutes before show time to allow ample time for security screening and seating. All events will start at the listed time.

Hopefully 2022 will be back to a more normal situation, but as for now, there are still health considerations.

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