Alison Victoria from the DIYs ‘Kitchen Crashers’ totally puts our handy man skills to shame.  She looks damn good doing it too. We would like to believe that we are real manly-men.  However the sad truth is we have to call AAA to fix our flats.  Don’t worry ladies, we make up for it in other ways.  We do however try to improve our skills by watching TV.

Alison Victoria is our favorite do-it-yourself teacher.  She is the host of ‘Kitchen Crashers’ on DIY.  Not only is Alison ridiculously attractive, but she knows her stuff.  You should see her work the wood.  It’s amazing.  According to her bio, she’s been doing the whole design thing since she was 10.  After hitting puberty, she honed her skills at the University of Nevada.

Not only does she host a TV show, but she also owns her owns her own interior design business based out of Chicago and Las Vegas.  This woman has her stuff together, which makes her a certified catch.  Not to mention she would make your house look totally awesome.