I love my Minnesota teams and watch anything and everything that I can on them. But sometimes it gets hard watching the after game interviews and the locker room interviews after that. They are more often than not, the same old interview as the last one, the one before that and the many more before that. There are only so many ways you can answer the same questions that they get asked ALL the time.

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"What do you think was the difference in this game"?

"How did that winning goal/touchdown/basket make you feel"?

"What could the team have done different to avoid this loss"?

Interviews kind of like this:

Actually a good interview, just seems to me the same old, same old. Think you get the picture. I get that sometimes it's hard to find other questions, but maybe it's okay to have a little fun with it now and again. The way Reavo and Klingberg recently did after a Minnesota Wild Game. Here's the hilarity:

I couldn't help but laugh and I actually enjoyed watching that interview, because it was different for a change, even if the questions weren't. So if there are any pro athletes in Minnesota who happen to read this (not likely but a girl can dream), on your next interview after the game in the locker room, go ahead and have some fun like this.
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Why not? You'll probably find it entertaining and so will all of us fans. Not that I can speak for all fans, but come on, don't act like you wouldn't want to see more funny interviews like this in not just Minnesota but perhaps with most any pro team.

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