One of my favorite parts about living in Minnesota in the craft beer scene. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anywhere else that takes as much pride in their locally made brews as we do. As a beer fanatic, that makes me pretty happy.

Although I still enjoy the major brands (primarily Guinness) I definitely take up any opportunity I can to try some of Minnesota’s original concoctions. That’s largely why I love beer fests. It’s a great opportunity for aspiring beer snobs like myself to try a variety of craft beers.

One beer festival in particular that I’m excited for is All Pints North Summer Brew Fest in Duluth. It lasts from 3 pm to 7 pm on July 28th and attendees will be able to try beverages from over 120 different breweries. The festival will take place at Bayfront Festival Park and you can purchase a ticket online now for only $50.

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