Since the dawn of television, a lot of us have been glued to the living room picture box. According to (YahooAmericans average over four hours a day watching TV, and that's the average. I'm old enough to remember the "Golden Age of Television" before color televisions were available. When I was a kid, there were three channels to choose from, not counting PBS and the only thing I ever watched on PBS was Monty Python's Flying Circus (classic). Especially in the colder months, I remember the family heading to the den to watch TV. There were no remotes, so we kids were pretty much relied on to change the channels and adjust the volume. Now we have digital television with remote control, DVR and some 400 plus channels to choose from and I still can't find anything worth watching. Granted there is not much to do in the dead of Winter but watch TV but even I, an avid viewer, don't watch for 4 hours a day. Who's got the time?

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