Fergie's National Anthem rendition.  Yes- I have heard all the comments, gasps, ridicule that this performance has gotten.

Everyone has.

But here is the thing... was it really that bad?  Vocally, I mean.  It's absolutely NOT what any of us have ever heard before.  And yes, it's weird.  But if it were a different song, would you think that she sang it badly?

I've heard people forget the words, sing a verse twice, and this....

People, including Rosanne herself, are saying that Fergie's performance was worse than hers.  I say, absolutely NO WAY i Fergie's worse than Rosanne's.  That was a debacle.  AND disrespectful besides. A description that I have heard about Fergie's performance.  I don't think, and it may just be my fairly unpopular opinion, that Fergies was disrespectful at all.

It was just a very strange rendition of a very familiar song that we all expect to be sung a certain way.

Take it for what it's worth.

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