My whole life I was told my father is 100% German, and my mother is a "mutt". So, how German am I really? Do I have any Irish in me? Watch to find out, and answer some of your own questions on how AncestryDNA actually works!

Every year on St. Patrick's Day, I never knew if I had the "right" to celebrate the Irish holiday. My mother said we probably had some Irish blood in our veins, but she wasn't sure. My father being 100% German answered a lot of questions for me, but what about the other 50% of my DNA? What was I made up of? Taking a DNA test would surely answer those questions!

So I finally decided to get my questions answered - and I reached out to Dallin Hatch of AncestryDNA to help me out! AncestryDNA was such a pleasure to work with, and their DNA sample kit was super easy to use. All you do is give them a small sample of your saliva and send it back! They even give you a paid return package for your convenience.


Then you wait. The waiting is the worst part! It takes a few weeks to get your results back, but you don't have to wait for anything in the mail. Your results will show up immediately on your phone! AncestryDNA has their own app, which makes it super easy to go back and look at your ancestry whenever you want. I highly recommend that if you're ever curious about your own past, get your own AncestryDNA kit! And you can do so right here.

So, do I have any Irish in me? Was there something in my DNA that was a complete surprise? Check out the video to find out and to see what comes with the AncestryDNA kit!

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