Laura's first words when she saw Angie the Snake Lady walk into the studio: "That isn't a snake, is it?!" Angie calmed Laura's fears by telling us that she brought a legless lizard.

A "legless lizard"? Isn't that just a snake? NOPE. Angie done got us learned this morning!

Image via Choad TSM
"Come the blep thing..." (Image via Choad TSM)

Angie introduced us to her legless lizard, Izzy. Upon first glance by the unlearned (most of us), Izzy looks like a snake.

The main differences between a snake and a legless lizard are:

  • legless lizards (like legged lizards) have external ear openings. You usually just don't get close enough to see them because you (we) think it's a snake.
  • Lizards have moveable eyelids, while snakes do not.
  • Lizards and snakes also have differently-shaped tongues, but we definitely don't usually stick around long enough to find that out

Are Legless Lizards Native to Minnesota?

No. They're found naturally in the upper Midwest, but they're native to coastal and desert areas. What I mean by "naturally" is that previously-limbed lizards native to our area evolved to have either "reduced" or no limbs. Something something science-y stuff.

Are Legless Lizards Poisonous?

Nope. They pose no major threat to humans, and if they bite you it's probably because you scared them. Shame on you!

Don't startle me, bro! (Photo by Walter Brunner on Unsplash)
Don't startle me, bro! (Photo by Walter Brunner on Unsplash)

Big thanks to Angie the Snake Lady for stopping by and getting us learned on legless lizards!

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